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The UnuPana Trial Kit includes 1 water-resistant diaper cover and 2 organic cotton absorbent inserts. Choose your cover preferred colour! (More coming soon :)


The Trial Kit is perfect for those mamas and papas who want to try cloth diapers for the first time. The UnuPana Trial Kit will not disappoint you nor your little one. Our organic cotton inserts have an extra soft side (to take care at the most of your baby's skin) and a great absorption capacity. The inserts are placed into the diaper cover which can be adjusted to different sizes depending on the age/size of your baby. UnuPana nappy grows with your little one.


If after trying UnuPana Trial Kit you decide to buy the UnuPana Starter Pack, you will get €10 discount for the purchase of the StarterPack.


It could also be that you are looking for a baby present for a relative's new born or a friend's kid? Our UnuPana Trial Kit is also a great new born gift. It's a very useful and environmental friendly gift to offer parents(-to-be). The Trial Kit is a wonderful present to offer.


Product description:

Our UnuPana inserts are made 100% out of certified organic cotton. Our water-resistant covers are made from polyester to prevent leakages. Manufacturing of both products is made in Spain.

Our UnuPana Trial Kit orders are delivered in boxes made in Europe out of recycled cardboard and environmentally friendly ink. You can recycle them or even better, reuse them! :)

UnuPana Trial Kit diaper

  • All our UnuPana products include the washing instructions in the label. However, we would like to share extra tips to make your UnuPana a great experience! 

    UnuPana organic cotton absorbents: 

    • We recommend washing our UnuPana organic cotton absorbents several times before starting to use them. Like this they get fully ready with the best absorption. 

    • As indicated they should not be bleached. We recommend drying them outside. The sunlight is the best whitener and it’s environmentally friendly.

    • Although they can be ironed and tumble dried (at low temperature) the ideal is to dry them outside :) 

    • Do not dry them on top of radiators or similar  as it could affect the absorption quality.

    UnuPana Covers:

    • We recommend washing them once before starting to use them.

    • As indicated in the label, do not bleach or do not tumble dry.

    • As with our organic cotton absorbents, we also highly recommend drying them outside. It dries very fast :) 

    • Do not dry them on top of radiators or similar  as it could affect the product properties.