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We became parents in 2018, an amazing and highly transforming experience. Like most new parents, we had never thought much about the waste that plastic diapers were generating. 


The deeper we dove into the topic, the more reasons we found for switching to washable diapers (e.g. costs and the strange plastics and other components used in disposable diapers). As we made the switch, we realized that our preconceptions about washable diapers had mostly been wrong – for example, the idea that they were inconvenient to use. 


It felt great to know that with each diaper wash, we were saving waste, euros, and irritation for our baby’s sensitive skin.


The one thing that was hard about washable diapers was finding the perfect one. As we had contacts in the Spanish textile industry, felt strongly about the topic, and saw so many misconceptions about washable diapers among friends and family, we decided to create our own washable diaper and start UnuPana.

The Problem

Disposable diapers have an enormous environmental impact throughout the entire life-cycle process. They are produced with plastic materials which are very difficult to recycle and mostly end up in landfills or incinerated. Both causing an enormous environmental impact. 

It is estimated that around 1 ton of waste is produced for each child on single-use diapers after two years and a half!

On the other hand, not less important many manufacturers of disposable diapers do not specify all the ingredients used in the products. Actually, did you know that at the moment there is no such a strict baby diaper-specific European regulation whatsoever for their composition, manufacture, or place in the market?

A risk assessment conducted by ANSES (French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety) showed that under realistic conditions of use, threshold values were exceeded for several chemicals.

These analyses detected a number of hazardous chemicals in disposable diapers that could migrate through urine, for example, and enter into prolonged contact with babies’ skin.

The Solution

As we got started with washable diapers, we tested many and slowly turned into experts. With UnuPana, we’ve built the diaper that we wished we had had: Easy to use and Ethically produced in Europe.


Our diapers consist of two parts: the water-resistant cover and the adsorbents that are inserted inside the cover. That is all!


We (highly) recommend adding a biodegradable liner on top of the absorbent. This makes it easier to clean in case of a number two. Once the diaper is full, you only need to throw away the biodegradable liner (if you use it), remove the absorbents from the cover, and put it all into the washing machine. As simple as this!


They are fast-drying since it´s a two-part diaper. Once dried, UnuPanas are ready for the next round. Save the environment from more pollution and offer your baby the softest and most caring diaper from day one until being fully potty-trained. 

Ethically made in Europe

UnuPana has grown next to our first kid. With UnuPana we want to contribute to a better planet and a better society. We only produce in Europe because we want to ensure ethical conditions with our partners as well as reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible. Our suppliers are located in Spain. Our delivery carton boxes are made with recycled cartons, environmental friendly ink and also produced in Europe.


We try to use the most environmentally friendly ingredients for our product, which is why our absorbents are made of 100% certified organic cotton.

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3% of profits go to The Great Bubble Barrier

We want to make a real change for the planet, that is why we donate 3% of our yearly profit to what we believe it's a great project to fight against plastic pollution in rivers: The Great Bubble Barrier.

Will you help us make the planet a better place?

UnuPana - washable diapers Our goal

Our Goal

We want to make the planet a better place for our kids. Our goal is to eliminate the disposable diaper waste from our landfills. Not in 2050, now! 

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