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How it works

How to assemble

Our washable diapers consist in two parts: the water-resistant cover and the adsorbents:

  • Just insert the organic cotton absorbents into the cover.

  • We (highly) recommend adding a biodegradable bamboo liner on top of the absorbents (this makes it easier to clean in case of a number two).

  • Adjust the size needed for your little one with the buttons and hook and loop fastener.

And voilà, UnuPana is ready to be used :)

How to wash

Once the cloth diaper is full, getting it ready for the wash takes less than 1 minute:

  • Close the hook and loop fasteners from the waist area. 

  • The biodegradable bamboo liner can be thrown away to the organic waste.

  • Remove the organic cotton absorbents from the water-resistant cover. 

  • Unfold the front hook and loop fastener area inside-out. 

  • Now the water-resistant cover and organic cotton absorbents are ready to be thrown to the wash.

Ready for a new and fresh UnuPana experience!

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