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With our UnuPana diaper Starter Pack you get: 8 water-resistant diaper covers, 16 organic cotton absorbent inserts and 1 biodegradable set of liners. All you need to go full into washable diapers. The Starter Pack saves you 40%. 


Product description:

Our UnuPana  inserts are made 100% out of certified organic cotton. Our water-resistant covers are made from polyester to prevent leakages. Manufacturing of both products is made in Spain. 

UnuPana diaper Starter Pack

  • All our UnuPana products include the washing instructions in the label. However, we would like to share extra tips to make your UnuPana a great experience! 

    UnuPana organic cotton absorbents: 

    • We recommend washing our UnuPana organic cotton absorbents    several times before starting to use them. Like this they get fully        ready with the best absorption. 
    • As indicated they should not be bleached. We recommend drying them outside. The sunlight is the best whitener and it’s environmentally friendly.
    • Although they can be ironed and tumble dried (at low temperature) the ideal is to dry them outside :) 
    • Do not dry them on top of radiators or similar  as it could affect the absorption quality.

    UnuPana Covers:

    • We recommend washing them once before starting to use them.
    • As indicated in the label, do not bleach or do not tumble dry.
    • As with our organic cotton absorbents, we also highly recommend drying them outside. It dries very fast :) 
    • Do not dry them on top of radiators or similar  as it could affect the product properties.