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Plastic diapers wreak havoc on your baby´s planet: cloth diapers are THE solution.

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

UnuPana cloth nappy - washable diapers help to protect the planet

There are many of us who are concerned about the environmental impact in the planet of plastic in particular. When walking at the beach, in the forest, on the street… there are not so many places to go to where we find ZERO plastics on the floor, in the water…

There is plastic waste everywhere and in many and many of the products that we use in our daily life. Trying to keep a Zero Plastic life is quite a challenge.

Once you start the journey of parenthood, by far the biggest daily waste your little one generates is diapers waste. When using disposable diapers you end up pilling them up and having to throw the trash away almost every day. One of the questions that arises is: where to throw disposable diapers? Can they be recycled? Actually, the answer is NOT.

It has been estimated that in the EU 6.7million tons of plastic diapers are generated per year. This is an enormous amount of generated waste with no feasible options for recycling. Actually, disposable diapers make up 2.7% of total municipal waste.

These numbers highlight the issue with the use of plastic diapers. Not only because of the more than considerable quantity of waste that they generate but also because of the negative environmental impact their disposal has.

In Europe, around 87% of plastic diapers end up in landfill or are incinerated (13%) causing soil and groundwater contamination, greenhouse gas emissions among other negative environmental impacts.

Because of the above, cloth diapers are THE environmental solution to this vast problem. Choosing reusable nappies can spare the environment from almost 1 tonne of waste per child. Washable diapers not only help to considerably reduce the plastic waste amount but also to lower the C02 emissions and other pollutant environmental effects on the soil, groundwater, etc.

At UnuPana, one of our pillar values is the focus on an ecological product. Because we want to make the planet a better place for us and in the future for our little ones, our washable diapers contribute to safeguarding our environment from more plastics.

Reducing plastic waste and other pollutants from the planet is key for us and that is why we go beyond this with the use of our absorbents which are 100% certified organic cotton. Here we explain why organic cotton is so important for the planet.

At UnuPana we are very committed to protect our planet. Our goal is to eliminate plastic diapers waste from our landfills, not in 2050 but now. Will you join us? 🙂

UnuPana - cloth nappies

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